The Transformative Power of Scholarships

MBA Students in Action
MBA Students in Fontainebleau Campus

Scholarships – investing in a brighter future

Donor support of scholarships at INSEAD totalled €61M through the Force for Good Campaign. This allowed the school to award 381 MBA scholarships in 2023 alone – 36% of the 2023 student cohort.

But why do scholarships matter? To begin with, it’s important to note that scholarships are more than just financial aid. They are a very real and tangible demonstration of belief in the abilities, dreams and future contributions of the scholarship recipients. They also advance INSEAD’s mission to transform business and society as a collective force for good.

A catalyst for change

Scholarships have an impact beyond the individual recipient. INSEAD classrooms are nurturing a new generation of socially responsible global business leaders equipped with the knowledge, tools, values and networks to make positive changes within companies, communities and society at large. The ripple effect from helping one talented individual receive an INSEAD education cannot be overstated.

However, it is no secret that the current challenging economic climate means that an INSEAD education might be beyond reach for some individuals, especially those from emerging markets who may find it more difficult to attain a loan. In 2023, there was an increase of 32% in scholarship requests. Among those awarded a scholarship at INSEAD, 72% comprised recipients from emerging markets. Scholarships help to remove some of the financial barriers that might otherwise prevent the brightest minds from accessing the education they deserve.

Bright minds like Melloney Daye F. Awit MBA23J , who was brought up in one of the most economically disadvantaged provinces in the Philippines. Facing a life of hardship and orphaned at 17, it was by the sheer resilience and determination instilled in her by her late mother that Melloney managed to work her way to becoming Head of the Advanced Analytics Group at global management consultant company Bain & Company. The value of receiving an IAF Women’s Scholarship at INSEAD was profound, providing her with experiences she once thought were beyond her reach. Melloney is committed to paying it forward by using what she has gained at INSEAD to drive positive change in the Philippines.

Protecting our legacy of diversity

INSEAD is a transformational experience largely because of its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. INSEAD students come from all walks of life, with no nationality dominant in a single cohort. Of the 381 MBA scholarships awarded in 2023, 46% of these were awarded to women. Such deliberate efforts towards inclusion create the rich and vibrant classroom experience that INSEAD is known for, broadening minds and perspectives through meaningful peer-to-peer learning and interaction. Investing in students through scholarships helps to protect these values of diversity and allows more students of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds to come to INSEAD on merit alone.

Gurpreet Arora MBA'23D

This is important to Gurpreet Arora MBA’23D, a recipient of the Class of MBA’65 Scholarship for Diversity, whose decision to enrol at INSEAD was heavily influenced by the school’s loud commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse student body. Gurpreet hopes to use the business skills, knowledge and networks he has gained at INSEAD to transform the global healthcare landscape, particularly in Asia and Africa.

Investing in tomorrow

Melloney and Gurpreet are just two examples of how scholarships have transformed the lives of talented, inspiring and passionate individuals who will no doubt go on to change the lives of others in a big way. They join the thousands of INSEAD alumni who are contributing every day to the force for good effect around the world. Much of this is made possible due to the unwavering generosity of donors who believe in investing in our collective future through the power of an INSEAD scholarship.

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