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Gifts to the Dean's Fund build the school's resilience and help to sustain our impact as a force for good.

Impact the world through the Dean's Fund
Every gift to the Dean’s Fund – no matter the size – provides flexible resources that can be put to work immediately to underwrite core priorities, such as student scholarships and faculty research, and to respond to urgent needs as they arise. Your support makes a difference and helps to reinforce the values, sustain the vision and support the ventures that keep INSEAD at the forefront of business education.


Now is the time to stay connected and draw on the strength of our exceptional community. Together, we can magnify our impact in the world, inspire others and become a collective powerhouse for change.

Thank you for your support.

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The collective power of our community
Your gift to the Dean's Fund matters.


This year, more than 2,000 alumni and other members of the INSEAD community have come together as Dean’s Fund donors with gifts ranging from €10 to more than €150,000.

As a non-profit organisation, INSEAD pays no dividends and has no shareholders. And, unlike many of our peer schools, INSEAD is neither affiliated with a comprehensive university nor state-funded. While this affords a great deal of independence in thought, it also means that the school must be entirely self-sufficient from a financial perspective. As a result, the collective impact of donor support has an outsized role at INSEAD.

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Support INSEAD where it matters most
Giving to the Dean's Fund amplifies the school's vision as a force for good in the world.


Gifts to the Dean’s Fund provide the school with flexibility to allocate resources strategically, strengthening core priorities such as scholarships and research, while also taking advantage of unexpected opportunities to fund new programming.

Gifts to the Dean’s Fund cover immediate needs that revenue from other sources, including MBA tuition and endowment earnings, are not sufficient to meet. And in times such these, gifts to the Dean’s Fund are helping the school to overcome unprecedented difficulties and emerge as a stronger community.

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Support the Dean’s Fund today
For an independent, non-profit school like INSEAD, every gift – especially to the Dean’s Fund – goes a long way. Beyond the financial aspect, your donation is a vote of confidence in the school and in the future that we are building, together.


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