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There’s something different about INSEAD. Alumni from all around the world share their views of the school.

Donors Report 2019

Explore how our donors championed business as a force for good.

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INSEAD shapes leaders who are equipped to tackle world-scale challenges and advance business as a force for good.

When you make a gift in support of INSEAD’s values, you help ensure that an inclusive, global mindset prevails in business and society.

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INSEAD faculty are consistently recognised for their innovative teaching methods, groundbreaking research, impactful business cases and global thought leadership.

To sustain this academic excellence, we must continue to attract and retain international scholars, foster our academic Centres of Excellence and strengthen our partnerships with top institutions around the world.

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To remain at the forefront of innovation, INSEAD must continue to design new learning experiences, pursue digital transformation and build on our strengths in entrepreneurship.

When you invest in INSEAD’s newest ventures, you embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that has guided our school since the beginning.

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The INSEAD Fund is driven by the power of collective giving. It supports breakthrough research, shapes management practices and equips leaders to transform business and society. All annual gifts — including Giving Day contributions and Reunion gifts — count towards the INSEAD Fund. Every donation makes a difference.

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