Additional Ways To Give

Supporting INSEAD through other channels.


Depending on your personal circumstances, you may prefer to make a gift to INSEAD through another channel besides the INSEAD Fund.

There are many ways to give: You may contribute to a naming gift, include INSEAD in your estate planning, dedicate future earnings to the school, initiate corporate partnerships and more. 

Please remember that many countries offer tax benefits when you contribute to INSEAD. For more information, email [email protected] or consult your local tax advisor.

Sustaining donor participation and giving


Some donors opt to make a more permanent or significant contribution to INSEAD with a naming gift. This might include endowing a scholarship, naming a research fund or underwriting a physical space on an INSEAD campus. Gifts may be made in one payment or via a multi-year pledge with annual payments. Young alumni — those who graduated from INSEAD in the past 15 years — may also choose to participate in the Tomorrow’s Leaders Programme, where they can create named scholarships that support the next generation of INSEAD students. For more information, please contact Marisa Clarke.


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Making an impact beyond a lifetime


Legacy gifts allow donors to express their confidence in INSEAD’s mission and vision. These gifts serve as a special source of strength for INSEAD and sustain the school’s financial security for the long term. When a donor leaves a gift to INSEAD in their will, they are invited to join the Georges and Edna Doriot Society, which recognises legacy donors during their lifetimes and hosts exclusive member events. Legacy gifts may be unrestricted or directed to a specific area. For more information, visit the Legacy Gifts website or contact Linda Eshel.


Legacy Gifts

Sharing success in entrepreneurship and innovation


The Founders Pledge presents a different kind of giving option for investors, innovators and entrepreneurs. In making the Founders Pledge, participants dedicate a percentage of their future proceeds to INSEAD. The commitment is non-binding, and donors choose both the timing and designation of their cash gift. Donors also become members of the Founders Society, an exclusive and powerful network of enterprising alumni, faculty and students.

Visit the Founders Pledge page, for more information, or contact Holman Chin.



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Matching giving opportunities with organisational goals


INSEAD works closely with corporate partners to find giving opportunities that fulfil their specific goals. These opportunities vary, but may include funding a physical space on campus, creating and naming an MBA scholarship or endowing a chair dedicated to a relevant area of research. Corporate partners may also choose to fund events or programmes at INSEAD through sponsorship which can bring greater visibility to their brand while supporting the school. INSEAD also works with organisations to offer matching gifts to employees.

Companies in France may choose to direct their Taxe d’Apprentissage to INSEAD. The funds collected through these contributions enhance INSEAD’s MBA and PhD programmes. For more information, please contact Marisa Clarke.


INSEAD Students

INSEAD students

Sustaining donor participation and giving


Recurring gifts sustain donor participation and help INSEAD anticipate cash flow beyond the current fiscal year. With pledge payments, donors set up monthly debits for giving or pledge smaller recurring gifts. For more information, please contact Barbara Ebert.


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