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Scholarships allow INSEAD to attract the brightest students from all nationalities, cultures and backgrounds and create the famous magic in our classrooms. Each scholarship award is a powerful message of our values of diversity and equity. Your support of scholarships is more important now than ever.

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The Covid-19 pandemic continues to endanger the livelihoods of millions. We know that the crisis is deeply affecting our incoming students, particularly those from emerging economies. Due to the prolonged lockdowns, many are facing declining revenues, dwindling savings or defaulting bank loans.

The number of requests for financial aid has drastically increased. In a number of cases, students who had not applied for a scholarship, are now in need of one.

In these difficult times, we need your support to augment the number of scholarships and increase the award amounts for deserving students.

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For 60 years, we have cultivated the diversity that makes us unique. Your collective support of scholarships has been instrumental in bringing together nearly 90 nationalities in an MBA class, increasing the number of women in our programmes and promoting talent in special fields.

Today, we need your help to protect and enhance this legacy of inclusion. During this global crisis, it is important to ensure that INSEAD is accessible to students from vulnerable communities who are at risk of withdrawing their applications.

Scholarships are the surest way to safeguard the magic of an INSEAD classroom that diversity creates.

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Advancing our mission as a Force for Good


From our commitment to developing leaders who serve both business and society, to broadening minds from the sheer diversity of classmates and learning from inspiring professors, INSEAD is a transformational experience for all students. Our graduates go on to become responsible business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs all over the world. They take decisions that impact not only their organisations but also the communities and regions they serve.

Unlocking the INSEAD opportunity for the brightest minds is a powerful investment in our collective future. By giving to INSEAD scholarships today, you help to develop young women and men who will change the world for a better tomorrow.

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More than one way to support scholarships at INSEAD

To make your gift online, please go to the ‘Give’ box below and choose either the Dean’s Fund, which is put to work immediately to support student scholarships and other core priorities, or simply, MBA Scholarships.

To establish a named scholarship fund, create a Tomorrow’s Leaders Programme scholarship or launch a scholarship matching fund, please contact us at: [email protected] or call + 33 1 6072 4216.

Tax information for Singapore:
The INSEAD (Singapore) Trust is the IPC for INSEAD. For the year 2021, Singapore tax residents may qualify for a 250% tax benefit for gifts made to the Singapore Scholarship Fund, which awards scholarships (MBA, EMBA, MIM) to Singapore citizens and Singapore permanent residents. For further information on this as well as tax deductions for your country, please contact us at [email protected].

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