Insead Founders Pledge

INSEAD entrepreneurs come from a long tradition of leaders who inspire, innovate and activate the big ideas that change business for the better. Since our school's inception, the ripple effects of INSEAD's entrepreneurial spirit have been felt around the world.

The Founders Pledge is an opportunity for our entrepreneurs, investors and innovators to partner with INSEAD to amplify their success, subscription to INSEAD school updates and join a global group of innovators affiliated with the school. 

  • 1 Pledge

    You support INSEAD with your future success by signing a pledge to commit a portion of your unrealised proceeds.

  • 2 Join

    With the pledge, you join the Founders Society, an exclusive ecosystem of enterprising alumni, faculty and students.

  • 3 Donate

    When you or your company reaches a liquidity event, you determine the timing and designation of your gift to the school. INSEAD recognises you for the cash donation.

  • 4 Create Impact

    Through our shared success, you fortify INSEAD’s thought leadership. You embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that has guided our school since its founding and make a lasting impact for future generations.

Jagannathan Doraiswamy MBA'14J



"I believe the Founders Society can truly be a transformative society -- a force for good within INSEAD as INSEAD is within the world."



Jagannathan Doraiswamy MBA’14J


Co-Founder and Director, Tech Camilla

Our Members

Alain Cochenet MBA’05D

Founding Partner of Momentum Invest

Alexandre Paternotte MBA’13J

Portfolio Manager of Bowmark Capital

Andrew Locke MBA18D

Founder and Partner of Ambit Partners

Ann Tan MBA’00D

Managing Director of Gspace Holdings

Antoine Duvauchelle MBA'11J

Lecturer of INSEAD

Benjamin Croc MBA'16J

Head of Finance Shared Services Center, CMA CGM

Catherine Zhang MBA'19J

CEO and Co Founder of Kater Holdings Limited

Dharmendra Yashovhardan MBA’05J

Co-founder of nurtr

Daniel Teper MBA’84J

Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Cytovia Therapeutics

Fabio Mondini de Focatiis MBA'99D

Co-Founder & CEO of Growth Engine

Gopi Rangan MBA’07D

Founding & General Partner of Sure Ventures

Jacobus Daniel Wyma MBA'18D

Co Founder & Partner of Ambit Partners

Jagannathan Doraiswamy MBA'14J

Co-Founder & Director, Tech Camilla

Jean-Elie Aron MBA'12J

CEO, LooksGoodAI

Kamal Hassan MBA’93D

Partner of Loyal VC

Kanat Emiroglu MBA’99D

Managing Partner and Founder of Alares Ltd

Megan Pillsbury MBA'07J

Founding & CEO of Dunya Analytics

Michael Kosic MBA’99D

Partner of Loyal VC

Mike Davis MBA’10J

CTO and Co-founder of MPOWER Financing

Mohamed-Ali Baccar MBA'09J

Founder & CEO, Streeme

Mustafa Bosco MBA'08D

Co-Founder, CarbonSifr 

Paul Ebert MBA'13J

Managing Director, Tabeo

Reshma Sohoni MBA'03J

Co-Founder & Partner of Seedcamp

Richard Anton MBA’94J

General Partner of Oxx Ltd

Robin Pho EMBA'17Dec

CEO and Founder, Right People Renewable Energy

Sean Xin Zhou MBA'16D

Founder & CEO, ATLAS AI

Tori Fahey MBA'10J

Director of Apidura Ltd

Utkarsh Amitabh MBA'13D

Founder, Network Capital

Vanessa Gao TIEMBA'09J

CEO & Co-Founder, The Jiangmen

Vincent Xu MBA'16D

Advisor, Sagacity Partners

Virginia Brumby Ferreira MBA'09J

Founder and Director, Survival Chic

Founders Society
Founders Society
Founders Pledge donors will receive the following benefits and recognition:


At Pledge:

  • Advisory support form INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship, INSEAD alumni community
  • Founders Society Salamander pin
  • Listing in annual Donor’s Report and Campaign website
  • Social media coverage
  • VIP invitations to special events and global Founders Society networking events
  • Subscription to INSEAD school updates

After Donation:

  • Founders Pledge Donor Wall
  • Salamander Award (at level of gift amount)
  • Other naming opportunities (at level of gift amount and purpose)

To take the pledge, Please contact:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +65 6407 7213

A leading global network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and private equity investors

  • 9.823 billion raised*
  • 9.8by 809 INSEAD entrepreneurs*
  • 9.8from 739 companies*  

    * from 1 January 2013 - 1 September 2023

  • 50% of INSEAD MBA graduates run their own companies at some point during their careers
  • 3% of 2023 MBA graduates created their own company right after graduation
  • over 15 electives to develop entrepreneurial potential
  • 80% of MBA participants take at least one entrepreneurship elective
  • 60% take three electives or more
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