Taxe d'apprentissage

Apprenticeship tax: what will change in 2023

As of this year, you no longer pay us the balance* of the Apprenticeship Tax directly: URSSAF and the MSA collect it, all at once. They will charge you on May 5 or 15, 2023 according to the data declared in your Nominative Social Declaration (DSN) of April 2023

  • From May 25, 2023 , log on to SOLTéA , the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations allocation platform which lists all establishments authorized to collect the balance of the Apprenticeship Tax.
  • Create your account from your SIRET
  • Designate INSEAD as beneficiary via the search engine ( UAI 077 10 77C )
  • Assign the attribution percentage to INSEAD
  • 1st deadline for choosing SOLTéA: July 7, 2023



The Apprenticeship Tax is a key resource for INSEAD. Due by companies each year, it is used to finance the training of our students. This is the only tax for which you are free to choose the beneficiary among the authorized educational establishments.

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INSEAD and its students thank you for your valuable support!

. * 0.09% of your 2022 gross payroll

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