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Celebrating the power of collective giving

All gifts to the INSEAD Fund - whatever the size - advance our mission and safeguard the school's future. This report demonstrates the huge impact that you, an INSEAD Fund donor, have made in 2020/2021.

Thank you for being a force for good.

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INSEAD is a joint project, and the INSEAD Fund brings together our global community in the spirit of collective giving. As an INSEAD Fund donor, you are advancing the school's vision of transforming business and society, supporting key priorities to equip future leaders, unleashing breakthrough research and shaping management practice.

Even in the turbulence of these past few months, you have chosen to make INSEAD a priority, demonstrating the strength of this inspiring community of alumni and friends. Thank you for your support.

About the INSEAD Fund

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Dean's Fund
Investing Where it Matters Most


The Dean’s Fund is the heart of the INSEAD Fund. Fueled by unrestricted gifts from alumni, students, staff, faculty and friends, it provides flexible resources that are put to work immediately — supporting core priorities, advancing innovative projects and responding to urgent needs as they arise.

INSEAD is deeply grateful for our community’s unwavering support of the Dean’s Fund during 2020/2021. Generous donations enabled the school to award scholarships to students who faced overwhelming financial challenges, to fund timely faculty research and to support innovative projects that helped INSEAD weather difficult times.

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Scholarships Figures
Resources to Realise Dreams


INSEAD epitomises diversity of many kinds — countries, cultures, ideas. It also holds a diversity of dreams, many of which could not be realised without your support for scholarships.

In 2020/2021, giving to scholarships had even greater impact than usual. Although the pandemic required significant budget cuts, INSEAD’s commitment to student support remained steadfast. Thanks to your gifts to the INSEAD Fund, the school was able to award vital funds to 183 students in the MBA’21J&D classes, allowing new cohorts to experience our distinctive approach to leadership training.

Many of these students rose above daunting financial challenges. Even now, candidates face great uncertainty, contributing to a 32% increase in scholarship requests in 2021. But the impact of a scholarship is more than financial. Each award affirms a student’s potential — and deepest aspirations.

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Faculty & Research
Shaping Global Business, in Theory and Practice


Conducted across disciplines, leveraged in the classroom, applied around the world — faculty research, carried out with quality and rigour, is essential to the identity, impact and reputation of INSEAD.

Thanks to donor gifts, INSEAD has become an incubator for bold scholarship, conducted by recognised thought leaders. Often these experts choose INSEAD because, here, they find support for scholarly work that contributes innovative thinking to their field and feeds their teaching.

Your investment in resources for research — from datasets to a pool of skilled research assistants to aid in field work and analysis, boosting faculty productivity — enables INSEAD to sustain a vital research ecosystem. In addition to helping INSEAD compete for stellar faculty, unrestricted support for research positions INSEAD to attract the best and brightest students, who come to learn from pioneers whose ideas are reshaping business around the globe.

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