Gurpreet Arora MBA’23D - Transforming Healthcare Through Business

Gurpreet Arora MBA’23D stands in front of trees
Gurpreet Arora MBA’23D

Gurpreet Arora MBA’23D is on a mission to transform healthcare through the power of business innovation. His journey began with a profound realization – his career in humanitarian healthcare had largely been reactive, responding to problems as they arose rather than proactively seeking innovative solutions. This epiphany spurred him to explore the potential of collaboration between governments and businesses as a means to revolutionize global healthcare.

His immediate goals were clear: delve into healthcare consulting, engage in diverse global projects, and distill the best practices from healthcare systems worldwide. He recognized a pressing need to foster healthcare development in Asia and Africa, regions that collectively house over half of the global population. To equip himself with the necessary skills and mindset, he chose to pursue an MBA at INSEAD.

"I came to INSEAD to learn the basis of business and work in different geographies, and, in the long term, play a pivotal role in the development of health systems." 

At INSEAD, Gurpreet has embraced the rigorous education and tailored core courses, which are particularly valuable for students like him without prior business experience. Subjects spanning finance, macroeconomics, and organizational behaviour have equipped him with a broad understanding of the intricacies of the business world. He also values the diverse network he’s building and the opportunities to learn from the wealth of experience of his classmates.

"One of the big reasons I chose INSEAD was the learning that I could gain from other students. People here are from different walks of life and have excelled across all geographies and corporate functions. So, there's a lot of peer-to-peer learning that happens during the course of this year, and that, in turn, enriches you professionally and personally." 

“The first way (to give back) would be financial aid and the second would be through mentorships.”

Having received the prestigious INSEAD Class of MBA'65 Scholarship for Diversity, Gurpreet is deeply grateful for the school's commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse student body. This gratitude spurs his commitment to give back to the school. “The first way would be financial aid and the second would be through mentorships”. Mentorship, he believes, can provide the guidance and confidence needed to achieve ambitious goals.

As Gurpreet completes his INSEAD journey, he is well-equipped to bring his bold vision for transforming global healthcare to life. His sense of purpose and dedication to giving back ensure that he will join the ranks of INSEAD alumni who are making a positive impact on the world, building a more equitable future for all.

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