A Toast to Our Volunteers Who Came Out in Force this Year

Volunteer reception at an October 2019 Reunion
Volunteer reception at an October 2019 Reunion

Alumni fundraising volunteers advance the school’s mission, and in a year filled with disruption and uncertainty, the impact of INSEAD volunteers has been steady and constant. From the INSEAD Alumni Fund (IAF), Young Alumni Initiative (YAI), and reunion class committees, to the alumni associations and clubs – more than 500 alumni volunteers endeavoured to sustain INSEAD’s excellence.

Reunion Class Volunteers

The energy and success of the Reunion programme are fuelled by the dedicated reunion class committees who serve as a bridge between the school and their classmates.

Working hand-in-hand with the INSEAD team, the class committees help to plan programmes, reach out to classmates and communities, encourage giving, share news on social media and build excitement for events and class gifts.

In 2019, when participants were still able to have the full experience in person, more than 3,800 alumni, family and friends came back for reunions, and their collective gifts contributed €6.6M to INSEAD. Volunteers were the engine fuelling these outstanding levels of engagement and support.

The IAF, YAI, and Alumni Organisations

We are also fortunate to have the support of many other volunteers such as the INSEAD Alumni Fund volunteers and Young Alumni Initiative volunteers who engage their classmates and alumni in their various fundraising activities. Both groups are supporting the school year in and year out. The IAF volunteers are also working closely with the INSEAD Alumni Association (IAA), National Alumni Associations (NAAs) and Clubs and encourage support from their local communities. In addition, we can count on the Giving Day and Robin Hood volunteers who year-after-year give their support to help increase our participation rates. All of them have dedicated their time, contributing greatly to our overall fundraising success.

A special mention also to all the volunteers from the INSEAD Alumni Association, National Alumni Associations, National Alumni Clubs (NACs) and Global Clubs (GCs) who helped to promote this year’s successful Giving Day campaign within their local communities. No other peer school rivals the depth and breadth of our alumni community.

Why they chose to volunteer

Hear from some of our volunteers on why they chose to step up.

Agata Nowicka MBA'19J

Sue Worscheh MBA'89J

Vincent Lapras MBA'96J

If you are keen to hear more from our volunteers, be sure to follow our INSEAD Fund LinkedIn page. If you would like to be a volunteer yourself, please get in touch with us here. Thank you once again to all of you amazing volunteers - whether you are supporting the school's fundraising efforts or serving the school and its community through any of our other numerous activities - we couldn’t have done it without you! 

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