Lionel Sauvage's $5.5million endowed legacy pledge was made with one reason in mind – to change the world for the better

Lionel Sauvage MBA’87J

When asked: What makes you believe that INSEAD can change the world? Lionel Sauvage replied, “because of its mission to use business as a force for good."

Lionel Sauvage has made a $5.5million endowed legacy pledge to INSEAD with one reason in mind – to change the world. The Sauvage family has a deep-rooted connection with INSEAD and a long history of supporting the school. His father, Gilbert Sauvage, was a full-time professor between 1960-1977 and played an important role in the development of the school during its early years.

Lionel was a founding donor for INSEAD’s Asia Campus in 2000 and also has funded several research projects in Finance, Decision Making & Risk Analysis and European Competitiveness. His recent legacy pledge is among the largest single pledges from an alumnus. On the subject of philanthropy, Lionel has a distinct point of view. “When you’re younger, you give to save the world, When you get to the grand old age that I am, you give to change the world", he says. "You start looking for an institution that you believe is going to have a long-term impact on the world. You realise that what you leave behind matters. There is no better way to do that than through your will."

As we step into this defining moment in INSEAD’s history with The Campaign for INSEAD: A Force for Good, legacy gifts such as Lionel’s are extremely meaningful. They provide a special source of strength and support for the future and enable us to achieve long-term financial sustainability. “This gift expresses my gratitude towards the institution that INSEAD is, the people who have built it and those who continue to build it every day," says Lionel. "With my family, I discussed the future and our contribution to make it better: we consider philanthropy and business to be a force for good; just like INSEAD is. Receive without forgetting – give without remembering.”

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