Giuseppe Gasparro MBA’08D: On Growth, Leadership, and Giving Back to INSEAD

Giuseppe Gasparro MBA’08D stands on the path outside INSEAD
Giuseppe Gasparro MBA’08D

Giuseppe Gasparro MBA’08D graduated from INSEAD at a time of economic turmoil during the 2008 global financial crisis. Despite securing an offer from Opera Solutions, a renowned consulting company, his post-INSEAD career was initially bumpy as his start date was delayed.

He eventually joined in September 2009, working closely with technology companies, and gaining expertise in software development. Although challenging, the financial crisis compelled Giuseppe and his classmates to revaluate their paths, pushing them to adapt and grow. "INSEAD forced all of us to really rethink what we do, how we do it, and change the course a little bit, or fight to stay on the same course" he recalled. 

A pivotal moment came about in 2010 when he joined Alix Partners, and alongside his colleagues, identified the need for a technology-focused team within the organisation. Their collective efforts led to the establishment of a ground-breaking technology vertical that profoundly impacted the industry. 

"INSEAD is something you do for one year, and then it keeps coming up. It plants a lot of seeds that blossom later during your life."

It was after embarking on a new chapter in New York City in 2012 that Giuseppe really experienced the support and scope of the INSEAD network. He reached out to fellow alumni to help him navigate a new personal and professional environment, "INSEAD wasn't just a school. It became like an extended family," he reminisces.  

His time at INSEAD proved to be one of the most transformative moments in his life. He remarked, "INSEAD really was a pivotal moment in my life. I think it defined who I am and changed the course of my life for good."  The school's ability to foster a strong sense of belonging, purpose, and global impact left an indelible mark on him, one that continues to shape his journey "INSEAD is something you do for one year, and then it keeps coming up. It plants a lot of seeds that blossom later during your life," he shared.  

Giuseppe is resolute in his commitment to give back through the MBA’08D scholarship fund, to magnify the school’s mission and real-world impact. “From a personal point of view, it's a sense of achievement. It's not just that you are helping the school; it's also that everything I'm doing is contributing to something bigger”.

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