Faculty and Staff Stand by INSEAD During COVID

Faculty and staff show their support through unprecedented gifts and spreading the word online
Faculty and staff show their support through unprecedented gifts and spreading the word online

Like many organisations, INSEAD has been hit hard by the global pandemic. As a truly international business school, global restrictions on movement and work are disrupting our programmes and threatening our ability to deliver impact through our world-class teaching and research.

Coming together for our mission

However, if there is any silver lining to be found, it is that we are able to witness the power of the incredible INSEAD spirit as faculty, staff, alumni, students and friends come together for the school. It is truly something to be proud of!

The commitment and entrepreneurial spirit of our respected faculty members have been central to making INSEAD the renowned institution that it is today. In the midst of temporary campus closures, they worked to rapidly and successfully recreate the unique INSEAD academic experience in the virtual arena. In addition to this, many expressed a desire to do more to help financially. This led to the creation of the Faculty Fund in May.

Henrik & Anne

More than 116 faculty donors have contributed to the Fund to date, raising over €1.8 million to help address the school’s urgent needs. In addition, all faculty participated in the pro-bono teaching plan. Their participation sends a strong and inspiring message to our community that we’re all in this together.

Laurence Capron

Staff go all in

Similarly, Giving Day 2020 saw a large number of staff supporting the school despite the current challenging climate. Perhaps one staff member said it best with: “It may be a drop in the ocean – but all oceans are made of drops!”

These generous “drops in the ocean” are deeply appreciated and more crucial than ever. We thank you.

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