Eryn Zander MBA’08J: Once an INSEADer, always an INSEADer

Eryn stands in front of the INSEAD wall
Eryn Zander MBA’08J stands in front of the INSEAD wall

Eryn Zander MBA’08J’s life has been a blend of cultural and professional diversity, leading her to explore various geographical locations and multiple career paths, often simultaneously: "My journey has led me along multiple paths that did not unfold in a linear sequence. Instead, they resemble parallel streams in my life, many of which I'm still actively pursuing."   

After her graduation from INSEAD, Eryn headed to Luxembourg, immersing herself in activities that opened multiple new horizons. Today, she spearheads the cross-border growth of a management consulting firm, whilst also serving as a board member for investment funds with a focus on sustainability. Through these roles, Eryn amplifies her exposure to the global strategies and diverse ways of thinking that were so central to her experience at INSEAD. The multifaceted perspective on the world continues to shape her thinking and what she devotes her time to.  

Indeed, it was via setting up and running a youth-focused charity that integrates refugees through sports that Eryn was to find deep fulfilment: "We provide refugees with access to sports, but essentially, we bring together people of different origins and backgrounds in an attempt to foster cohesion in society."  Confirming the connection between this experience and the global and inclusive outlook imprinted on her by INSEAD, she gratefully acknowledges the school's role as a catalyst for her personal and professional growth.  

Her reunion weekend, in June 2023, gave Eryn the chance to reconnect with some of her classmates and reignite the sense of belonging that the INSEAD community fosters. She describes the network as “a tapestry woven with the threads of people from diverse backgrounds, countries and experiences – and what makes it beautiful is precisely how different we are, and how unique each of us is.”  

Actively involved in energizing the alumni community in Switzerland, which is now her second home base, Eryn acknowledges with a deep sense of gratitude the impact of her education and the bonds she formed during her MBA time : "INSEAD has been a lasting source of influence and inspiration, a fundamental experience that has profoundly impacted me and, thankfully, continues to do so."   

In a sentiment frequently echoed within the alumni community, Eryn remarked before departing to rejoin the celebrations, "Once an INSEADer, always an INSEADer!" 


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