Dean’s Fund: Impact Where It Matters Most

Unrestricted gifts to the Dean's Fund secure our future as a force for good
Unrestricted gifts to the Dean's Fund secure our future as a force for good

During this period of global uncertainty and turbulence, the diversity, dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit that INSEAD is known for is needed more than ever. We are therefore deeply appreciative that this past year, many of you again entrusted your support to the Dean’s Fund, where it had the greatest value and impact. Undoubtedly the core of the INSEAD Fund, gifts to the Dean’s Fund support the school’s resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges and offer the agility needed to address the most urgent needs: providing scholarship support to students in need, helping faculty to adapt their research to this dramatic new environment, and sustaining INSEAD’s impact as a force for good.

Staying competitive through scholarships

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, the majority of gifts to the Dean’s Fund were deployed to support students directly through scholarship funding. Last year, more than 60% of the Dean’s Fund gifts were awarded as scholarships to incoming MBA candidates.

At INSEAD, scholarships mean more than financial aid. They enable the world’s most talented students to choose INSEAD — keeping INSEAD competitive, expanding our diversity and enhancing our dynamic learning environment. For many students, especially those from emerging markets or under-represented groups, a scholarship means the difference between accepting a place at INSEAD and having to decline it.

INSEAD has always been my dream school and for the last two years, every step that I have taken I have done it with one goal in mind: to pursue an MBA at INSEAD.”

MBA applicant, Spain

Since the beginning of the pandemic, requests for student scholarships have increased by over 77%. The combination of increased requests for student aid and reduced revenues has put downward pressure on the school’s operating budget, including the envelope for scholarship funds. In the current environment, Dean’s Fund donations have had an even greater impact, helping to fill the budget gap and secure scholarship funding for INSEAD students.

“COVID-19 created a situation that became evident after the scholarship deadline had passed. Financing is no longer available, and the support of my family isn’t either. The dollar just keeps rising in Chile. Any help I can get would make a difference.”

MBA applicant, Chile

We believe that exceptional students from all socioeconomic backgrounds should be given the chance to have the INSEAD experience and we are doing our best to offer financial security to those in need – which makes your gifts to the Dean’s Fund all the more impactful. 

“At this stage in my career, I can provide a bigger impact with an MBA degree. However, costs have been a primary concern, as I do not come from a well-to-do family. I cannot even begin to express the scale of how this scholarship has changed my life.”

Katherina Fabellon MBA'20D, Philippines

Other areas of impact

The Dean’s Fund also sustains other core priorities and values. For instance, 25% of the school’s Research & Development budget was funded through the Dean’s Fund, allowing us to attract top researchers, contributing to real-world impact and safeguarding our excellent research reputation in business and academia. Dean’s Fund gifts also helped us to launch our first facility in North America – the San Francisco Hub for Business Innovation – opening up new opportunities for our community at the epicentre of technology and innovation.

Securing our future

Your Dean’s Fund gifts build the school’s resilience and help to sustain our impact as a force for good. With your help, INSEAD can continue to develop leaders that the world urgently needs — leaders who can address the current challenges and shape solutions for a new era of business and society.

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