Plans are underway to renew INSEAD’s Europe campus – leveraging new technologies and prioritising collaboration


At the edge of the Fontainebleau forest, the historic campus, once refreshed, will leverage new technologies and prioritise collaboration. 

The story of INSEAD’s evolution can be viewed through the lens of the development of its campuses.  When it opened in 1967, the Europe campus signalled the beginning of a new phase of the school’s consolidation. The elegant premises, advanced classrooms and converging spaces made the campus ultra-modern for its time and projected INSEAD’s pioneering spirit and distinctive learning principles. 

Fifty years later, INSEAD’s phenomenal progress has taken us to a new threshold. With the renewal of our mission as a force for good, we are building a new legacy as significant and bold as that of our founders. We will reimagine our first campus so that it reflects not only our present excellence but also our future ambitions.  

Major architectural work in the Main Building, North and South Wings will accommodate our growing community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors. A new building for MBA teaching, more amphitheatres, a large hub and a new restaurant will transform the campus experience. The state-of-the-art spaces will set the scene for future learning, innovative programmes, collaboration and social interaction. Even as we leverage the power of technology, our primary focus will be on the human experience, critically important in the digital era. The architecture will give preference to fostering human connection, reflection and exchanges that will spark new ideas and lifelong friendships. As we go to the drawing board, we know that the physical campus will be where the INSEAD experience will continue to transform future generations.  

The renewal of the Europe Campus will be a central pillar of our Force for Good Campaign and a historical moment to build our future together.

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