Our new MBA curriculum focuses on developing responsible leaders and entrepreneurs with both analytical and leadership excellence

Teaching Excellence

The first students to experience INSEAD’s enhanced MBA curriculum have graduated, and the school is using this opportunity to review feedback and evaluate its most successful aspects.

The new curriculum aims to increase resources for students’ personal leadership development and create more learning opportunities around the concept of “Business and Society.” The objective is to develop responsible leaders and entrepreneurs with both analytical and leadership excellence.

One of the main features is a new core course called Business and Society that covers ethics, public policy and political environments and aligns with Dean Ilian Mihov’s vision of using business as a force for good. “By introducing this course into our MBA curriculum, we hope to equip and inspire our students to live these values and carry them forward,” he says.

Even business leaders who are aware of the impact their organisations have on the world may lack the ability to turn that awareness into action. To help students develop this capacity and prepare for leadership, INSEAD created the Personal Leadership Development Programme (PLDP). Focused on personal, interpersonal and communication awareness with professional and peer feedback, the PLDP approaches leadership development as an “inside-out process” that gives voice to a student’s inner value system, says Derek Deasy, Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour and PLDP Director.

The PLDP has received valuable feedback and has been adapted and expanded accordingly, says Urs Peyer, INSEAD Dean of Degree Programmes and Associate Professor of Finance. “The professional coaching embedded in the leadership journey throughout the MBA programme helps to increase self-awareness and improve interpersonal skills and communication effectiveness,” he adds.

Other curriculum enhancements include an online “digital start” programme (P0) before students arrive on campus and a new capstone course that builds on the successful “Your First Hundred Days” elective to help them prepare for their post-MBA careers. The curriculum will continue to evolve and bring INSEAD students the latest in management research to make our graduates top-notch hiring candidates.

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