Opening a state-of-the-art teaching space in the Americas – a first for the school

Golden Gate Bridge

Having expanded from Europe to Asia and the Middle East, INSEAD is now embarking on a new leg of its journey as The Business School for the World. With INSEAD San Francisco, the school will have distinctive teaching space in the Americas for the first time. 

INSEAD San Francisco will raise brand awareness and activity in North America, fortify our US position as a leader in tech and entrepreneurship and serve our growing North American alumni community.

Why San Francisco? San Francisco and the Silicon Valley are hubs of digital transformation, technology and cultural diversity, and the region is globally significant as a gateway to Asia. Moreover, California is one of the top economies in the world, and the school has a vital, engaged network of companies and alumni there. Also, the prominence of the region will accelerate our efforts to increase brand awareness. 

Located in the South of Market area, surrounded by start-ups and major software and technology companies, INSEAD San Francisco will be a 1,300 square meter facility in a 1930s industrial building that was recently granted historical status. The concept design combines traditional INSEAD elements with a Silicon Valley modern industrial feel. Two classic INSEAD amphis will be embedded in a large space for creative group work. Café, meeting rooms and an event space will provide a hub for alumni to connect and share insights. We will leverage the facility for knowledge generation, brand development, life-long learning and career development. 

INSEAD San Francisco is made possible by generous seed funding of $3 million that has allowed us to secure the space and undertake renovations. We need additional funding to fully realise the potential of this exciting leg in the INSEAD journey.   

Donor support will enable ventures related to research with local companies, the development of alumni life-long learning offerings and branding efforts. We also are looking for major donors to support the construction and equipment costs associated with the facility.

Explore how you can be a part of this exciting, new endeavor here.

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