Making INSEAD Financially Possible for Talented Men and Women from Every Corner of the World

Diverse Students

“I can personally attest that a scholarship can make an enormous difference to the life of the individual lucky enough to receive it.” – Angelica Mandaric MBA’18D, Indeed Endowed Scholar

At INSEAD, we develop global leaders, managers and entrepreneurs who will cross cultures and borders to shape business as a force for good. This mission begins by engaging the brightest individuals from diverse backgrounds and scholarships are a significant part of the process. By making INSEAD financially possible for talented men and women from around the world, scholarships contribute to the quality and diversity that define INSEAD. They also transform individual lives, each one unique in their journey leading to INSEAD. Angelica Mandaric recounted her story at the Scholarship Dinner organised in May 2018 in Paris:


“I was only a pre-school child when the Yugoslav war started and I left home at age 14. To seek an education and better opportunities, I managed to move to Croatia, Dubrovnik where I lived in a state run ‘home’ for girls and focused only on school and piano lessons. A year and half later, I was a soloist playing with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra,” says Angelica. “With such an intense start to life, I have learned that some things cannot be achieved alone. Help from those who understand and care for others is really needed. The knowledge that those without means or a privileged start in life can attend on merit, makes INSEAD a more attractive school for everyone.”

Thirty-one percent of students receive, at least one of the nearly 100 types of INSEAD scholarships. Over the last three years, we have doubled our scholarship funds, thanks in large part to the support of donors.  While this increase is enabling us to offer higher grants to more participants, it’s still not enough: our goal is to provide half of the class with scholarships. 

Your support will be key in helping us reach this target, and in providing talented individuals with the means to access INSEAD and amplify their impact on the world.

“My MBA curriculum gives me the knowledge required to continue my work in the social impact sector and addressing critical issues that persist after the war in Bosnia,” Angelica continued, “I am halfway through my year at INSEAD and it’s clear to me that this will be the foundation for what lies ahead in my life. I am truly grateful for this chance.”

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