The Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society Aims to Transform Leaders, Change the World

The Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society

In August 2018, the Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society was established by the largest individual pledge in INSEAD history, a landmark gift by alumnus André Hoffmann MBA‘90D and his wife, Rosalie Hoffmann. The Institute ushers in a new era for INSEAD, with new research focus and new ways to teach the next generation of leaders – and by extension, new ways to do business around the world. 

The Institute brings together business leaders, INSEAD’s world-class faculty and staff, researchers, alumni and students from different countries, disciplines and experiences. The goal is to create new knowledge, curricula and outreach opportunities to equip tomorrow’s leaders with the tools necessary to address our global challenges. 


Vision – New Ways to Grow

We envision a world where business delivers profit and social and environmental progress.

As a global society, we face unprecedented challenges. Environmental pressures are increasing and global population growth is accelerating. Changing weather patterns across the globe are disrupting lives and livelihoods. Technological advancements mean that we are more connected, but also that we do more with less. Rising inequalities are shrinking employment opportunities and stalling income growth for the middle class. 

People are losing trust that the systems and institutions that underpin global progress are working for them. How we address these challenges – and whether or not we successfully overcome them – depends on decisions made by today’s leaders and by every member of society.

This is a crossroads moment for business and society. There is a path forward that opens opportunity for both business and communities to prosper and thrive. We must point our resources towards that path. 

Healthy, vibrant markets and societies can grow together in a world where economic development does not come at the expense of other people or the planet. The world needs leaders to step up and make this vision a reality.

 Andre & Rosalie Hoffmann

Mission – A Force for Good

Educating business leaders plays a key role in getting us closer to that aspiration. At INSEAD, business education is what we do. In this crossroads moment, we are responding to our common challenges by establishing the Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society.

INSEAD is a global business school and the research we produce, the leaders we develop and the partnerships we forge can produce impact at scale. We nurture diversity and cross-disciplinary thinking, which hold transformative potential. We are mission-driven and will engage our whole community to deliver.

The Hoffmann Institute will work across the school, in an integrated manner, to point our research, education and partnerships towards fulfilling the great potential we have. We will strive to do more ourselves. We will strive to inspire – current leaders, our graduates, our partners, our faculty and staff, and students. 

Our mission is to lead the way in transforming business education to ensure that leaders and organisations benefit society and the environment. This aligns with our Dean Ilian Mihov’s vision of business as a force for good – forging leaders who seek more than productivity gains and shareholder value, leaders who create new ways to do business. 

In working towards transformative change, we have a great opportunity to deliver inclusive prosperity sustained over generations. Together, we open the door to a brighter future for all. 

INSEAD established the Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society in August 2018 through a €40 million commitment from André Hoffmann MBA‘90D and his wife Rosalie. For more information on this landmark gift, see our press release.

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