Our ventures

Our entrepreneurial spirit

To remain at the forefront of innovation, INSEAD must continue to design new learning experiences, pursue digital transformation and build on our strengths in entrepreneurship. When you invest in INSEAD’s newest ventures, you embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that has guided our school since the beginning.


Digital Transformation

We are among the early leaders in developing new programmes, carrying out research, and engaging in the global conversation on the impact of new technologies. We are grateful to Anne Rotman de Picciotto MBA’01D, Thierry Breton and Accenture who have made generous gifts in support of this strategic area.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Neil Raymond MBA’98J made a generous gift to the Maag Centre for Entrepreneurship. His contribution will enable the Centre to grow the prize pool of the INSEAD Venture Competition and expand the impact of the INSEAD Entrepreneurship Forum. We are grateful to Christoph Rubeli MBA’92D for his new generous gift to the school’s Global Private Equity Initiative (GPEI) that is stimulating research and facilitating the exchange of best practices among private equity professionals.


Our thanks also to the INSEAD Private Equity MBA Student Club which made a generous contribution to GPEI.


We are pleased to recognise Heinrich Baumann MBA’72 for his new gift to the Heinrich and Esther Baumann- Steiner Endowed Fund for Creativity and Business, which has significantly enhanced learning experiences at INSEAD that integrate creative and business thinking.


Our Presence in San Francisco

Having expanded from Europe to Asia and the Middle East, INSEAD is now embarking on a new leg of its journey as The Business School for the World. With INSEAD San Francisco, the school will have distinctive teaching space in the Americas for the first time.


INSEAD San Francisco will raise brand awareness and activity in North America, fortify our US position as a leader in technology and entrepreneurship and serve our growing North American alumni community.


Located in the South of Market area, surrounded by start-ups and major software and technology companies, INSEAD San Francisco will be housed in a 1930s industrial building that was recently granted historical status.


INSEAD San Francisco is made possible by generous seed funding of $3 million that has allowed us to secure the space and undertake renovations.

Golden Gate Bridge