Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society

Creating new knowledge, curricula and outreach opportunities

INSEAD shapes leaders who are equipped to tackle world-scale challenges and advance business as a force for good. When you make a gift in support of INSEAD’s values, you help to ensure that an inclusive, global mindset prevails for generations to come.


André Hoffmann MBA’90D and his wife Rosalie pledged €40 million, the largest gift from an alumnus in the school’s history, to establish The Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society.


The Institute ushers in a new era for INSEAD by accelerating research at the intersection of business and society and developing leading-edge methods to educate the next generation of global business leaders. The longterm ambition of the Hoffmann Institute is to transform business so that it delivers not only profit but also social and environmental progress.


The Institute will work across the school and the alumni community to create new knowledge, curricula and outreach opportunities to equip tomorrow’s leaders with the tools necessary to address our global challenges.


This historic gift underpins INSEAD’s vision of business as a force for good. Dean Mihov expressed his deep gratitude to the Hoffmanns for their generous contribution to the positive, real-world impact of INSEAD on business and society.


“Transformational change towards true sustainability will not take place without a new generation of leaders who are willing and able to change the status quo. This Institute is poised to help future leaders understand the importance of societal and environmental returns alongside the traditional financial approach, creating shareholder value while lifting up people and protecting our planet.”

André Hoffmann MBA’90D

Rosalie & André Hoffmann

Creating Impact through the Hoffmann Institute

The Institute received immediate endorsement from alumni and friends, many of whom gave generously to support the Institute’s streams of research and teaching.


Baron Edouard Janssen MBA’09J, together with his brothers Charles- Antoine Janssen IDP’13 and Nicolas Janssen, and his parents, Baron Daniel Janssen, Member of INSEAD’s Advisory Council, and Baroness Thérèse, made a leadership gift in support of the Hoffmann Institute to establish the Janssen Family Endowed Professorship.


The school’s relationship with the Janssen family spans several decades and includes milestones such as the establishment of one of INSEAD’s earliest chairs: the Solvay Chair in Technological Innovation.


The new gift reflects the family’s commitment to education in sustainability and social impact. The professorship will be awarded to a faculty member in an area under business and society. Edouard is a member of the Advisory Board of the Hoffmann Institute.


Transforming business education

Taking INSEAD to the next level of social impact with these knowledge priorities:


  • Ethics
  • Gender balance
  • Humanitarian operations
  • Social impact
  • Sustainability
  • Tech for Good
  • Wealth Inequality


“Environmental and societal progress are deeply needed. We believe in a better Europe and a more global world. We are positive about how much – with the Hoffmann Institute – INSEAD can be a front-runner and innovator in overcoming resistance to necessary changes so that our planet can become a better place.”

Edouard Janssen MBA’09J

Edouard Janssen
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“With this gift, my hope is to accelerate nascent research that documents and measures the benefits of gender diversity in business. INSEAD is uniquely equipped to take these insights and turn them into action.”

Dirk Luyten MBA’89J

Dirk Luyten

“I always have been a big believer that business has to be a force for good, that companies have a soul and must take care of their stakeholders. This is what I call “the soulful economy”. To do well, businesses have to do good, and to do good, they have to do well… As the Institute for Business and Society came to life, and as I owe so much to INSEAD, I felt compelled to participate in this project.”

Patrick Firmenich MBA’90J

Patrick Firmenich

“I firmly believe in the need to give back and indeed it’s uplifting to do so. We want to make sure the next generations can have the same luck as us. States are showing their limits in redistributing wealth and we need to get involved and show by example. Education is of the utmost importance in this logic and INSEAD very high in my heart. When the opportunity arose to support research on wealth inequality, it felt very natural to support it.”

Jacques Garaïalde MBA’82

Jacques Garaialde MBA'82 and Dominique Garaialde

MBA Scholarships

Reinforcing our commitment to excellence

Few giving opportunities exemplify INSEAD’s longstanding value of diversity more than scholarships. These awards also reinforce our commitment to excellence.


Merit-based awards allow us to attract the best talent with strong academic credentials to the school. Creating more merit scholarships has become a strategic imperative as many of our accepted applicants receive competitive offers from other top-tier business schools.


Merit awards for women are also critical to the vision of the school as we strive to reach 40% of women in the MBA class in the coming years.


Need-based scholarships not only ensure that highly qualified students can access our MBA programme regardless of their financial background, but also further our mission to promote geographic, socio-economic and gender diversity.


How your gifts are helping to extend scholarships


Scholarship Donors and Recipients

Enabling brillant students to get closer to their dreams
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“I am delighted to help aspiring MBA participants join the excellent programme at INSEAD which transformed my life for the better 35 years ago. In giving to ambitious new MBA students we are strengthening the INSEAD family and contributing to the future of the school. It is my hope that those who receive a helping hand from an alumnus willl one day wish to do the same for the next generation of INSEAD MBAs.”

Andreas Lehmann MBA’83J

Andreas Lehman

“Creating the ‘Alumni of Switzerland Endowed Scholarship for Swiss Candidates’ has truly been a rewarding experience. Bringing together the alumni community in Switzerland around a common goal, we are collectively making a lasting investment in our school and one that will also help to strengthen our own network for the future. My sincere thanks to the 12 Founding Donors and the alumni who contributed so generously. Today, we are close to our €1 million objective and have already supported two Swiss MBA students.”

Brigitte Reverdin MBA’81

President of the INSEAD Alumni Fund, Switzerland

Brigitte Reverdin

“INSEAD has given my wife Zornica and me a lot – a world-class business education, an unprecedented professional network, and lifetime friendships. From personal experience, we know that financing an MBA is not easy and that other schools offer generous scholarships to attract talent, so we started giving back to the school as soon as we could. The Tomorrow’s Leaders Programme gave us the opportunity to name our own scholarship and we decided to honour Zori’s father Zhivko Zafirov. Zhivko has dedicated his life to education and is definitely a force for good in his community in Zori’s native Bulgaria.”

Karan Dogra MBA’13J

Karan Dogra

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“As a doctor, I’ve seen patients living below the poverty line dying needlessly, in Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea. In my view, this problem stems from inefficiencies in the healthcare system, and the situation must change. In the longterm, I see myself as the COO of a model healthcare provider integrating a non-profit insurance plan with a network of hospitals. Attending INSEAD is a huge step in bringing me closer to my goal. I couldn’t have made it without your scholarship.”

Hide Wee MBA’18D

MBA’70 Special Profile Scholarship


“I am a first-generation college graduate and was the first in my immediate family to hold a conventional ‘middle-class job’. I learned to improve my life through hard work and education, and was fortunate to have many kind people and organisations support my journey. I feel privileged to be identified as a change catalyst and I thank you for your generous support. The INSEAD MBA equips me with the learning, credentials and network to lead businesses that support people to live better lives. I am motivated to rise to the challenge and drive economic transformation in Africa.”

Mogbekeloluwa Koye-Ladele MBA’18D

Olam International MBA Scholarship for Change Catalysts in African Markets

Koye Ladele

“Being a woman in Iran can be a daily fight for the most basic rights. Yet, I have been lucky to meet many powerful, capable Iranian women who have motivated and inspired me. Seeing how positively we can influence one another, I decided to push my limits and aim high. I plan to share my learnings from INSEAD with fellow Iranian women and encourage them to grow—to live without boundaries. Thank you for investing in my future.”

Aida Joraty MBA’18D

Mette Roed Heyerdahl Scholarship

Aida Joraty MBA18D

“Since 2012, I worked in the Norwegian North Sea as a field engineer. The rugged and high-risk offshore environments, including several trips to the Arctic in the darkest winter months, gave me opportunities to build my character. I also learnt to appreciate the diversity of the workforce and the global mindset of the industry. As I progressed into management roles, INSEAD was an obvious choice to develop my capabilities. I feel honoured and motivated by your scholarship that helped me to reduce my loan amount by 30 percent.”

Mary-Ann Onuegbu MBA’18D

INSEAD Women Scholarship

Mary Ann Onuegbu

"When my father passed away in 2011, I thought I had lost my way, losing the person who was supposed to teach me about business and life. Despite being blessed with a good job and unwavering support from my family, I could not afford a top MBA programme abroad due to the gaping income disparity between emerging and developed countries. The INSEAD scholarship is a massive help in bringing my dreams to fruition and one that I do not take for granted. I plan to make the best of every opportunity during my year at INSEAD towards my goal of building a sustainable business that delivers value to my community and my country.”

Fernando Jacinto III MBA'19J

INSEAD Alumni Fund Diversity Scholarship

Fernando Jacinto

“My entrepreneurship journey started when I was 24: I ran businesses in the USA, France, Burkina Faso, Rwanda and Tanzania. My work in Africa has been extremely rewarding as it allowed me to associate business development with social and community support. After INSEAD, I hope to contribute better to Africa’s development. I am very grateful for the scholarship. Over and above the substantial financial help, it made me feel valued and supported.”

Arnaud de Rambures MBA’18D

INSEAD Alumni Fund Diversity Scholarship

Arnaud de Rambures

Robin Hood Scholarship

A meaningful tradition for students

Robin Hood Results

MBA'18J Participation
MBA'18D Participation
Amount raised
Amount raised

The Robin Hood Scholarship Campaign – the INSEAD student tradition to raise funds for a scholarship for students in the following class – was once more hugely successful.


The classes of MBA’18J&D achieved great results, particularly the ‘18Ds who set the record of the highest amount raised to date.


Our thanks to the Robin Hood Ambassadors for their active role in making the campaigns successful as well as to all students and faculty members who helped in many ways.

Robin Hood volunteers