Institutes, Centres and Initiatives

Fostering research with world-scale impact

Institutes, Centres and Initiatives are established to coordinate research activities and focus on areas of academic interest, usually from an interdisciplinary perspective.


Named Institutes


The Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society (HGIBS)



Named Centres


The Rudolf and Valeria Maag INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship (ICE)

The James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Centre for the Study of Wealth Inequality

Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise



INSEAD Centres


Centre for Decision Making and Risk Analysis (CDMRA)


INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute (IBOSI)

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre (ICGC)

INSEAD Centre for Economic Growth (CEG)

INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute (EMI)

INSEAD Gender Initiative

INSEAD Global Leadership Centre (IGLC)

INSEAD Global Private Equity Initiative (GPEI)

INSEAD Healthcare Management Initiative (HMI)


INSEAD Humanitarian Research Group (HRG)

INSEAD Initiative for Learning Innovation and Teaching Excellence (iLITE)

INSEAD Randomized Controlled Trials Lab (RCT Lab)

INSEAD Singapore Data Team (SiDaT)

INSEAD Social Impact Initiative

INSEAD-Sorbonne Behavioural Lab (ISBL)

INSEAD Sustainability Initiative

INSEAD-Wharton Centre for Global Research and Education

Major Research and Teaching Funds

Nurturing research and teaching projects at INSEAD

These Funds encourage and support interdisciplinary research and teaching projects at INSEAD.


The Cyril de Bournet Fund for Gender Diversity in Faculty (2018)

The Patrick and Valentine Firmenich Endowed Research Fund for Business and Society (2018)

The Jacques Garaïalde Endowed Research Fund for Decreasing Wealth Inequality (2018)

The Dirk Luyten Research Fund on Gender (2018)

The Anne Rotman de Picciotto Endowed Research Fund (2018)

The Iskandar Safa Endowed Fund for Research in Decision Sciences (2018)

The Kurt Björklund Research Fund for Entrepreneurship and Society (2017)

The Mirjam Staub-Bisang Endowed Research Fund (2017)


The Francesco Loredan ‘85J Endowed Fund in Entrepreneurship (2016)

The Rausing Fund in Economic and Business Transformation (2015)

The Creativity-Business Platform (2013)

The Avery B. Juhring Endowed Fund for Entrepreneurship (2012)

The Patrick Cescau/Unilever Endowed Fund for Research in Diversity and Leadership (2009)

The Heinrich and Esther Baumann-Steiner Endowed Fund for Creativity and Business (2007)

The Dreyfus Sons & Co Ltd, Banquiers, Endowed Research Fund for Corporate Social Responsibility (2007)


The Doriot Fund for Innovation and Excellence in Management Education (2005)

The André and Rosalie Hoffmann Research Fund for Family Enterprise (2004)

The ABN-AMRO Endowed Research Fund (2000)

The Yves Burrus Endowed Fund in Ethics (2000)

The Morgan Stanley Research Fund for eLab@INSEAD (2000)

The SAP eCommerce Research Fund for eLab@INSEAD (2000)

The Dean’s Innovation Fund (1995)


Recognising our faculty

A Chair is considered the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a faculty member. Establishing a chair signals particularly strong support of the role of faculty.


The Rudolf and Valeria Maag Chair in Entrepreneurship (2017)
Henrich Greve (2017)

The Sauvage Family Chair for Academic Excellence (2016)
Laurence Capron (2018)

The Stone Chair in Wealth Inequality (2016)
Mark Stabile (2017)

The Rausing Chair in Economic and Business Transformation (2015)
Ilian Mihov (2015)

The AXA Chair in Financial Market Risk (2013)
Lily Fang (2017)

The Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Diwan Chair in Societal Progress (2009)
Subramanian Rangan (2010)

The Mubadala Chair in Corporate Governance and Strategy (2008)
To be named

The Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Chair in International Management (2007)
Enver Yücesan (2018)

The Aon Dirk Verbeek Chair in International Risk and Strategic Management (2007)
Javier Gimeno (2008)

The GlaxoSmithKline Chair in Corporate Innovation (2006)
Amitava Chattopadhyay (2012)

The Strategy& Chair in Revenue Management (2006)
Ioana Popescu (2006)

The André and Rosalie Hoffmann Chair in Family Enterprise (2004)
Morten Bennedsen (2009)

The Aviva Chair in Leadership and Responsibility (2004)
Charles Galunic (2006)

The Orpar Chair in Risk Management (2002)
Anil Gaba (2002)

The de Picciotto Chair in Alternative Investments (2002)
Pierre Hillion (2002)


The Paul Dubrule Chair in Sustainable Development (2001)
Jasjit Singh (2018)

The Portuguese Council Chair in European Studies (2000)
Antonio Fatás (2006)

The Cora Chair in Leadership and Learning (2000)
Stefan Thau (2017)

The Eli Lilly Chair in Strategy and Innovation (1999)
Peter Zemsky (2007)

The Berghmans Lhoist Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership (1999)
Randel Carlock (2001)

The Roland Berger Chair in Strategy and Organization Design (1999)
Phanish Puranam (2012)

The Novartis Chair in Healthcare Management (1999)
Stephen Chick (2008)

The Rothschild Chair in Banking (1999)
Massimo Massa (2007)

The Unilever Chair in Marketing (1999)
V. (Paddy) Padmanabhan (2014)

The Schroders Chair in European Competitiveness and Reform (1998)
John Fernald (2017)

The L’Oréal Chair in Marketing - Innovation and Creativity (1998)
Pierre Chandon (2012)

The Solvay Chair for Technological Innovation (1998)
Quy Huy (2017)

The Henry Ford Chair in Manufacturing (1997)
Luk Van Wassenhove (1998)

The Paul Desmarais Chair in Partnership and Active Ownership (1996)
Laurence Capron (2011)

The Claude Janssen Chair in Business Administration (1996)
Joël Peress (2017)


The BP Chair in European Competitiveness (1995)
Karel Cool (1996)

The Boston Consulting Group Bruce D. Henderson Chair in International Management (1994)
W. Chan Kim (1994)

The Timken Chair in Global Technology and Innovation (1994)
Guillaume Roels (2017)

UBS Chair in Investment Banking, endowed in honour of Henry Grunfeld (1994)
Theo Vermaelen (2013)

The Shell Chair in Human Resources and Organisational Development (1993)
Martin Gargiulo (2018)

The IAF Chair in Entrepreneurship (1992)
Philip Anderson (2001)

The Novartis Chair in Management and Environment (1990)
Klaus Wertenbroch (2018)

The Alfred H. Heineken Chair in Marketing (1988)
Ziv Carmon (2017)

The Raoul de Vitry d’Avaucourt Chair in Leadership Development (1982)
Narayan Pant (2012)

The John H. Loudon Chair in International Management (1979)
Andrew Shipilov (2017)



The INSEAD Chair in Decision Neuroscience
Professor Hilke Plassmann (2018)

The INSEAD Chair in Corporate Governance
Professor Ludo Van der Heyden (2014)

The INSEAD Chair in Ethics and Social Responsibility
Professor N. Craig Smith (2007)

The INSEAD Chair in Management Science
Professor Philip M. Parker (2005)

Professorships and Fellowships

Encouraging and supporting academic research

Professorships and Fellowships recognise distinguished faculty members and senior researchers. The funds allow research on academic areas of importance to INSEAD.




The Janssen Family Professorship in Business and Society (2018)
To be named

The Rudolf and Valeria Maag Professorship in Entrepreneurship (2017)
Xiaowei Rose Luo (2017)





The Cornelius Grupp Fellowship in Digital Analytics for Consumer Behaviour (2018)
David Dubois (2018)

The Goltz Fellowship in Business and Society (2018)
To be named


The Patrick and Valentine Firmenich Fellowship for Business and Society (2018)
Andre Calmon (2018)

The INSEAD Fellowship in Memory of Erin Anderson (2017)
Vibha Gaba (2017)

The Rudolf and Valeria Maag Fellowship in Entrepreneurship (2017)
To be named

The INSEAD Dutch Alumni Fellowship in Leadership, Diversity and Governance (2011)
Elizabeth Florent Treacy (2014)

The INSEAD Fellowship in Strategy and International Management (1997)
Renée Mauborgne (1997)


The Akzo Nobel Fellowship in Strategic Management (1996)
Ithai Stern (2018)

The Salmon and Rameau Fellowship in Healthcare Management (1995)
INSEAD Healthcare Management Initiative (2012)

The Shell Fellowship in Business and the Environment (1993)
Sameer Hasija (2017)

The Shell Fellowship in Economic Transformation (1993)
Pushan Dutt (2013)

Named Facilities

Reinforcing the on-campus learning experience

INSEAD’s pursuit of academic excellence must be supported by world-class facilities. A state-of-the-art learning environment strongly enhances the learning experience on campus.


Europe Campus

The BCG Amphitheatre

Chris King Amphitheatre

Dean Berry Amphitheatre

John Burgess Room

François Hériard Dubreuil Room

Georges and Edna Doriot Library

Freddy’s Bar (memoriam F. Heineken)

Hammer Roof Garden

Henri-Claude de Bettignies Room

Henry Ullmann Forum

The Biergarten:
INSEAD Gesellschaft Deutschland

John Loudon Amphitheatre

Jonathan Keighley Room

Leonidas Los Room

The Mews (Accenture)

Macquarie Bench

Manuel Serzedelo de Almeida Room

Marc de la Bruyère Silent Phone Booth

MBA’67 Breakout Room

MBA’70 Breakout Room

MBA’70 Amphitheatre

MBA’72 Amphitheatre

MBA’73 Amphitheatre

MBA’90D Amphitheatre

MBA’74 Reading Area

MBA’75 Career and Interview Facility

MBA’77 Breakout Room

MBA’78 Bar Terrace

MBA’87D Breakout Room

Michael Andreae-Jäckering Room

Michael Howell Room

Mickey & Company Lifestyle Center

Raoul de Vitry Amphitheatre

Rudolf and Valeria Maag Amphitheatre

Russell Pollack Room

William Soeryadjaya Amphitheatre


Asia Campus

Claude and Tuulikki Janssen Auditorium

André and Rosalie Hoffmann Amphitheatre

William and Lily Soeryadjaya Amphitheatre

Henri-Claude de Bettignies Amphitheatre

Edward S. Mork Amphitheatre

Michael and Ute Roskothen Amphitheatre

Gilbert Sauvage Conference Room

Shaw Foundation Water Lily Garden

Leonidas and Eirini Los Room

Christina Law MBA’91D Room

David Syz MBA’72 Room

Ian Campbell Woodward Room

Rose Damen MBA’13D Terrace

TIEMBA Alumni Terrace

Tanoto Library

Gabriel Hawawini Orchid Garden

Fawcett Ferrie Garden Amphitheatre