Catalysing Change: Dr. Jörg Überla MBA’98D Tech to Sustainability

Dr. Jörg Überla MBA’98D
Dr. Jörg Überla MBA’98D

Dr. Jörg Überla MBA'98D's journey embodies a dynamic fusion of curiosity, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. From his early fascination with computer science to his navigation of the volatile landscape of venture capital, Jörg’s trajectory culminated in a profound commitment to combat climate change through innovative solutions. 

“INSEAD truly enabled my career transition, and sustainability guided my trajectory.” 

Before his time at INSEAD, Jörg’s quest for knowledge and fascination with technology led him through academia, culminating in a PhD in artificial intelligence. It was during this period that his venture into the world of start-ups ignited a passion for entrepreneurship. 

His experience in venture capital during the early days of the internet boom provided insights into technology investments. Despite the inherent risks, Jörg thrived in this environment both as an investor and as an entrepreneur. He was one of the 5 general partners at Wellington, well known for its early investment in Spotify, a digital music platform. In 2011, he founded Danato, an e-commerce venture later acquired by Bertelsmann.  

However, at a pivotal moment of introspection and faced with the world’s most pressing challenge - climate change - Jörg decided to refocus his efforts.  

Drawing on his entrepreneurial experience and understanding of the potential impact of technology, he co-founded in 2022 42Watt, a start-up dedicated to facilitating the construction of climate-neutral buildings. Through a harmonious blend of technological innovation and financial incentives, 42Watt aims to enable building owners to embrace sustainability without compromising economic viability. 

Reflecting on his journey, Jörg emphasizes the role of passion and values in driving meaningful change. With a resounding message to aspire entrepreneurs and students alike, Jörg urges them to "pursue their passions aligned with personal values and seize opportunity to drive positive change.”  

Indeed, Jörg’s narrative illustrates how, in a world grappling with the existential threat of climate change, entrepreneurship emerges as a powerful force for good, offering innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. As Jörg continues to navigate the intersection of technology and sustainability, his journey stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to harness their entrepreneurial spirit for a brighter, more sustainable future. 

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